I Let You Go – Clare Mackintosh



A five year old boy in Bristol is struck in a hit and run and killed, causing Jenna Gray to pack up and leave Bristol far behind.  We, the readers, follow Jenna to a lonely coast village in Wales and it sounds like a wonderful place to live.  But Jenna is haunted by something that keeps her from truly connecting with the new people in her life.

There – that’s as much as you’ll get from me.  Babus at Ajoobacats wrote an excellent and succinct review here.  She said it all much better than I could but here’s my thoughts anyway.  😀 I Let You Go is a slow but gripping mystery.  We follow Jenna in her new life and the police as they investigate the hit and run.  All the characters are enjoyable and fit in the world created for them.  Jenna is a mystery – to the other characters and to the readers.  READ IT! It’s wonderful.

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