Liebster Award! Whoo!

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I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award by Shannon Hollinger over at Adventures in Thirty Something.  Shannon’s doing book reviews, and posting hilarious writer and reader memes every Monday.  I look forward to them every week and usually end up forwarding them on to my grammar nazi friend, Tom.  😀 THANK YOU!!!

The terms of engagement are:

Acknowledge the Blogger who nominated you and display the award.

Answer 11 questions that the Blogger gives you.

Nominate 5-11 Blogs that you think are deserving of the award.

Let the Bloggers know that you have nominated them.

Give them 11 questions to answer.

So my questions to answer:

Dogs or Cats? Cats!!

What’s the last book you read that left you breathless?  Dark Matter by Blake Crouch. Amazing!

What’s your favorite dessert?  Chocolate lava cake. 😋

What do you wish you could have told your teenage self?  Embrace that nerd thing. It will be become “cool” sometime in your 30s. Haha

What book would you make everyone read, if you could?  To Kill a Mockingbird. I don’t think I’ll have to make too many people in US. Most read it in school (or they used to).

Name one thing you’d outlaw.  Cutting in line at the Amtrak Station. Grrrrrr

What is your favorite season of the year?  Winter. I hate Summer because it’s just too hot especially here in Chicago because of the Lake. Spring is just an intro to Summer, and Fall, while lovely and full of hockey and football and wind, is just too short.

Who would you want to play you in the movie of your life?  Anna Kendrick. She’s nerdy and awesome and hilarious all at the same time. Also: gorgeous!  I look nothing like her except maybe the brown hair and I’m almost 10 years older than she but hey it’s Hollywood it’s ok!  😉

What would your super power be?  Speed reading- too many books to read and not enough time. But also teleportation because I love going to new places but I hate traveling.

Proper grammar or abbreviations in texts/emails/posts?   Depends on with whom you are communicating. I use lol and ikr sometimes.

What is your biggest pet peeve?  When people get up and don’t push in their chairs. Also, when time runs out and there are answers left on the Jeopardy! board. 😖



  2. Read Voraciously
  3. thebookshelfblog
  5. Kelly’s Book Blog



  1. Desert island movie?  I feel this is not necessarily your favorite movie, just the one that won’t drive you crazy if it’s the only one you can watch.  😉
  2. Favorite ice cream? And if you don’t like ice cream then, favorite cake.
  3. If you could be any Pixar movie character for a day?
  4. Did you like Gone Girl?  Feel free to skip if you haven’t read it.
  5. Favorite TV series of all time.
  6. Video chat or just talk on the phone?
  7. Does cilantro taste like soap?
  8. Going out for drinks with friends, heels or sneakers?
  9. Charlotte or Emily? 😀
  10. Favorite movie or miniseries based on classic literature.
  11. Famous dead writer you could have lunch with and the one question you would ask him or her.
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